World Traveler Dorm Inspiration: Under $250

world traveler dorm inspiration under $250

This is the second inspiration post for dorm or bedroom (the first one being here). I am a world traveler at heart and this dorm would be my dream. I love the map bedding and really stamps this room as traveler friendly. The fun garland made from maps would look amazing hung from the ceiling or the underside of a lofted bed. The journals are great to journal in but I would use this for class notes. The fun camel pillow adds more dimension to the bed and adds a diverse character to the room. Fun little bowls can be used to store jewelry or used for late night ice cream or ramen! The typography print would look great on the wall or desk and comes in a variety of sizes and cities.


20 items for 30 days: week 5

20 items for 30 days challenge, packing tips, summer capsule wardrobe

Last week! I did it! I wore 20 items for 30 days (well I didn’t actually wear 2 of the pieces I brought to I guess 18 items for 30 days!). This challenge has stretched my outfit making ability and I have loved mixing up my looks with accessories. I have found that accessories are powerful and can change looks in an instant. I’m going to be investing in more accessories from now on! I would encourage everyone to do a challenge like this. I realized that I could do this for a lot longer (with more accessories) and I plan on doing just that in the future!

20 in 30 day challenge

boyfriend jeans//tank (similar)//sandals (similar)//bow (similar)

summer outfit challenge

tee//shorts//necklace (similar)

boyfriend jeans and plain white tee

boyfriend jeans//tee//converse (similar)//scarf (similar)

black and white summer outfit

tank (similar)//shorts (similar)//fedora//sandals (similar)

20 items for 30 days challenge

tank (similar)//shorts (similar)//headband (similar)//sandals (similar)

denim and blush eyelet shorts

denim shirt (similar)//shorts//sandals (similar)

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College Wardrobe Essentials

college wardrobe essentials, what you really need to bring to get you through class, sorority and everything in between

When packing up to go back to college, the hardest part for me is wardrobe. In a dorm there is every little space to store clothes so making sure I have basics to get me through every event is important. Also planning for seasons is key. While my college is just a couple hours drive from home, I rarely go home due to my busy schedule. Switching clothing for seasons is time consuming and on the weekend I don’t have time to pack up the past season and unpack the upcoming season. For this reason, I go to school with summer and fall basics and layering pieces to get me until mid-october. I live in the Midwest where are weather is unpredictable so packing for many seasons and weather is necessary. Weather, changing seasons and vast array of events lead me to think long and hard about what to pack and bring with me to campus.

I’ve already mentioned the crazy seasons and weather so my essentials to get me through everything Mother Nature throws my way.

Rain/snow boots: class still goes on, even if it’s raining outside. having a pair of boots is important to walk across campus to class and navigate uneven sidewalks (that create the largest puddles!). my rain boots double as my snow boots with an added liner (these are the ones i have) but not everyone needs snow boots depending on location.

Rain coat/wind-beaker: along with rain boots, a coat keeps you dry. i opt for a raincoat that doubles as a light jacket for fall (go double-duty items!)

umbrella: (can you tell it rains a lot?) I don’t use an umbrella because i find them a nuisance (i.e. where to put them in the classroom all wet) however, many students prefer umbrellas over raincoats. it’s pretty windy along with rain so to me umbrellas don’t provide as much coverage as a coat but that’s just me.

winter coat: i usually bring this back when i go back mid-october. winter exists from the end of september to may (not really exaggerating as it snowed during spring finals week a few years ago). this is one of the most used weather essential so i don’t mind spending money on a coat i love that is still warm! no pretend winter coats during a blizzard!

hats/scarf/mittens: again these are usually brought back with the winter coat. i do keep a set in my car at all times so if i really need them before october i have them.


cardigans: i love cardigans so i keep a couple in my dorm (usually neutrals like black and grey) they are perfect for cold classes and can be thrown over tank tops to transition summery tops to fall. they also look more professional than sweatshirts which is key for my activities.

basic tees: i am a jeans and tees kinda gal so these are my closet’s bread and butter. i try to get mine from the LOFT so i know that they will hold up after many washes because they are better quality than old navy.

flowy tanks: i don’t think this is what they are really called but that’s what i call them (example). these are great with cardigans and jeans in the colder months and shorts in the summer. perfect for changing seasons and different events

blouses: i have a couple of these in my closet because they pair well with dress pants/skirts but also jeans.

t-shirts: i’m in a sorority so i have a lot of t shirts from events and letters and everything! these get worn with jeans and work out shorts and round out my tops essentials. even if you aren’t in a sorority, college t-shirts and random events around campus will make their way into your drawers.


jeans: a staple in every closet. i usually have a couple pairs of different styles (skinny/high waisted/ bootcut).

dress pants: every person needs a pair of dress pants. between interviews, presentations and even certain classes (practicums and observation, me being an education major this is key). also sorority life requires dressing in business clothes for meetings so these get a lot of wear as well. I have 2 pairs, classic black trousers and a skinny grey pair to accommodate  different events.

skirts: goes along with dress pants, I usually have a pencil skirt (in hot pink! no said everything has to be black) and a fuller skirt (in black again). these are great for church and sorority meetings but can also be worn in the classroom (teacher and student mode)

dresses: a lbd is classic but don’t limit yourself to just that. i am bringing a fun printed one that can work for going out or also to church.

leggings: while these should never be worn as pants, i find myself pairing these with larger tops (that cover my bottom!) perfect for lazy days and long study sessions.

workout shorts: i love Nike Tempo shorts but any will work. I work out a few times a week and i also wear these to bed and even to class.


ballet flats: these are my go to with jean, dress pants, and dresses. find a comfortable pair in a neutral color to get the most wear.

heels: i have a pair of basic black to dress-up pants and skirts and a ‘fun pair’ (hot pink!) to make dresses a little more fun and they work with jeans!

sneakers: a pair of converse go far in my life. i also bring my athletic pair to work out in.

sandals: perfect for summer-y part of the school year. they go home when i bring back the winter coat

boots: brown riding boots help me survive the fall/winter season. they work perfectly with jeans and leggings.


scarves: i wear these with the basic tees and jeans for a pulled together (but comfy) look.

statement necklaces: typically my go-to to dress up outfits. these make my wardrobe stretch even further.

hair accessories: headbands are the best way to save bad hair days! i love hair bows to dress up ponytails. sometimes all you need is something to keep your hair out of your face!

These are essentials based on my style and preferences. Not everyone on campus wears sweatpants to class everyday. You can look cute while attending class while still being comfortable. By using items that pull double-duty and work with what activities you will participating in, your tiny dorm closet will work wonders for you (really and truly!).



Liebster Award


I was nominated by Amy from My Hole in the Head and I am so excited to learn about this cool little award! Thank you! There are a few rules with this award so here we go!

  • 11 things about me
  • answer 11 questions Amy asked
  • nominate other bloggers
  • ask 11 questions to those newly nominated bloggers

11 things about me:

I am a Junior in college (half way done!) and am a Middle School Education major.

I love math and history and am terrible at english (I rely way too much on spellcheck…)

I am 5’2″ which makes finding pants and skirts and dresses a nightmare.

I’ve been to London and Paris (and I dream of going back)

I love school supplies

I don’t like hugs because I feel like I get squished like a bug.

I love minimalistic things. Simple is best.

I played the Clarinet for 9 years and competed in Marching Band all through high school.

I ask a lot of questions and Google is my friend.

I get addicted to iPhone games and play them nonstop until I beat them

I am a terrible texter-backer (totally a word) and that seems to upset people.

11 questions that Amy asked me:

1. What is your favourite all time beauty tip?

Concelar is magic and putting it on top of foundation works wonders.

2. Tea or coffee?

Coffee. Coffee all the way!

3. What is your favourite place to shop and why?

LOFT because they carry petites and run pretty good sales!

4. What is your guilty pleasure? (Food, book, TV….)

Gossip Girl (I’m so sad it ended!) and Dance Moms because it’s fun to watch the drama.

5. What would you never be caught dead in? (Fashion wise that is)

Zebra print! (shudders…) Leopard print in super small doses

6. I you had to move and live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

London! I loved going there and I want to live there so badly! Really I would live just about anywhere!

7. What is something not many people know about you?

I’m scared of thunderstorms and can’t sleep while they are going on. Really I’m scared of lightening and being in a building that catches on fire due to being struck by lightening.

8. Can you speak another language?

I wish! I did 4 years of Latin in high school and I loved it!

9. What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever done?

I’m not really sure, honestly! I know that I have done some difficult things but looking back I am thankful that I did it and it was worth it in the end.

10. Life of the party or homebody ?

Neither? I love being social but I don’t consider myself the life of the party! I like nights at home too, watching Dr. Who and eating M&M’s with my boyfriend. I don’t know which one I fit in better.

11. What is your favourite thing about blogging ?

I love having a space that I can write what I want and escape school work (sorry not sorry…). I love the people I’ve met so far (well I’ve never actually met any of them in real life but it still counts). This little space is probably the best collection of who I am and that is the most exciting part!

My nominations!

Hot Tea and an Empty Seat

Olio in Iowa

Girl for Granted

My Questions:

1. Stripes or Polka dots?

2. What is your favorite book/movie/tv show?

3. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

4. What is your favorite time of the year?

5. What is your favorite shoes?

6. If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why?

7. City or Rural life?

8. Are you an early bird or night owl?

9. What is your favorite outdoor activity and why?

10. What is the best time of your life thus far?

11. What is your favorite thing about blogging?


What I’ve learned in Georgia

what i've learned

For the past month or so I have been in Georgia watching my 99 year old great grandma. I enjoyed a lot of laughs and few a tears and everything in between. It was fun and learned more than I bargained for in terms of running a household by myself and taking care of a spunky grandma who keeps on ticking. So (in true list maker fashion) here is my list of what I learned.

1// Find expiration dates on anything. In an older person’s home, they don’t use ingredients quickly and forget that they already own 4 bags of flour so checking expiration dates is so so so important. My sister and I learned to locate it on just about everything (and threw out things that had bit the dust).

2//Fruit rinds smell. I learned pretty quickly to cut up cantaloup and watermelon just before trash day so they wouldn’t smell up the kitchen. Also she doesn’t have a disposal so cleaning out the drain is gross but has to be done.

3//How to wash out Ziplocks. This must be a result of growing up in the Great Depression because Mama would not let me throw away Ziplocks and if I did she would go to the trash and dig it out. So I had to wash, dry them and reuse them.

4//News is repetitive. While the anchors change every hour or so, the stories they run and even the ‘special guests’ stay around all day and appear with each anchor. I’ve watched enough news to last me a life-time. Also I can quote commercials and even the little jingles that go with them.

5//Just roll with it. Between watching Mama eat spoonfuls of cream cheese to getting the news paper before she wakes up, I’ve learned to just go with the flow and make her happy. This includes washing out zip locks and saving bread ties.

6//Listening. Even if it means listening to the same story 5-6 times in a row, act excited and surprised at every twist and turn in the story. Even if you can quote it by heart.

7//Old cookbooks are the best. My sister and I have spent quite a bit of time combing through her cookbook and experimented (seen here and here). On the best recipes she wrote ‘very good’ or ‘company favorite’ to reminder herself just how good they were. I love looking at her handwriting and seeing her hand-copied recipes next to ones cut out of news papers.

8//How to meal plan. I’ve had to cook 3 times a day 7 days a week (which is way different than my college lifestyle) so I’ve learned to plan out my meals and sift through Pinterest to find useful recipes to make (that don’t require ingredients that have expired)

9//Stay one step ahead. If I don’t get the newspaper before Mama wakes up, she will go out there and get it herself. This goes for cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry as well.

10//Love. Between her stories about her husband and her children, I’ve learned a lot about love. I love her and I’m so sad to leave her tomorrow. This could be one of the last times I see her and I hope she sees how much she has taught me. When she’s says ‘I don’t think I can let you girls leave me here, I’m going to starve’ or ‘You need to let me do the work for you are spoiling me’ I know that I have done my job here and left her a little happier than when I found her. I will miss her but I know that she is just a phone call away and I hope to celebrate her 100th birthday come January!

20 items for 30 days: week 4

20 items 30 days Here we are again, week number 4! I have been loving this challenge so for and love all the feedback I’ve been getting from doing this. Thank you for all of the comments and I encourage everyone to try a challenge like this. It really teaches you about what clothes you like and stretches your fashion mind to make exciting outfits each day. I am already planning another challenge like this but something a little more long term (more on that once this one is done). Without further ado, here are the next 6 outfits. Only one more week left! IMG_2568

 tee//shorts//necklace//sandals (similar)


 boyfriend jeans//sandal (similar)//tee (similar)//necklace (similar)


 blouse//necklace//shorts (similar)//sandals (similar)


tank (similar)//shorts (similar)//fedora//sandals (similar)


boyfriend jeans//tank (similar)//necklace//ribbon (tied like a headband)


tank (similar)//shorts (similar)//headscarf (similar)//sandals (similar)

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Vintage Dorm Inspiration: Under $250

vintage dorm inspiration under $250

Dorm rooms don’t have to be boring and dull. While they maybe small, certain elements can make dorm issued furniture look a lot home homey. Here is some inspiration for decorating a dorm room (or bedroom) with personalized touches. Decorating does not have to break the bank;  the total for this room is $239! The bedding is always a starting point as it is one of the largest piece in the room and bedding with a print hides stains better than a solid color. Over the door hooks are great for hanging up towels and coats while the locker bin provides much needed storage. Fun touches like the jewelry tray and pillow add personality and the calendar would look great on your desk. Find the complete list of dorm room essentials here.

calendar//jewelry tray//over the door hook (on sale!)//bedding//pillow//locker bin