On Trend: Denim

Denim I'm loving right now!

With back-to-school on the horizon (or in full swing) stores are showing off the number one staple: jeans. I am a jeans and a tee kinda gal through and through so this time of year is when I stock up on my favorite styles. At Mall of America a few weeks ago, I tried on the most beautiful pair of jeans from Madewell. They make me feel like a million bucks and are the perfect length (granted they are the ‘crop’ style and meant to be capris but hey, no hemming!). I cannot wait for the temperature to drop (never thought I would say that) so I can wear these gems out and about. Judging by my Pinterest board, I would say that I am excited to pair them with loose tees, heels and classic bags. Fall, here I come!


Tip Tuesday [Makeup Brush Cleaner]

how to clean makeup brushes with dish soap and olive oil, simple way to clean makeup brushes

One of the things I am terrible at (among many) is remembering to clean my makeup brushes. I usually clean them once a month or so, because they don’t work as well when they are so full of product. However, this isn’t good enough. I recently learned that I should be cleaning my brushes after every use which seems a bit excessive to me. I mean, I wear the same shade of eyeshadow often and use the same foundation so why do I need to clean them so often? Well, bacteria builds up on them which can cause breakouts which is not a good look. So I went out to the best store ever (Target) and found some brush cleaner from ELF, which costs about $3, not to shabby! I plan to use this everyday, which will probably look like once a week, and use the old/usual way once a month.

elf makeup cleaner


A little review about the ELF cleaner: I think that it works pretty well! It smells flowery, which can be overpowering if sprayed repeatedly on a brush. I have been spritzing it 2 times per brush which is working well. I spritz the cleaner on the brush, holding it so that the bristles are down (this keeps the liquid from running into the handle of the brush which can ruin the inside of the brush). Then I use a paper towel to gently rub, in a circular motion, the brush on to remove the makeup. After it is clean, I shape the bristles to how they were originally and let them air dry.

diy makeup brush cleaner

The deep cleaning way of washing brushes uses ingredients found in your kitchen, olive oil and dish soap. The olive oil acts as a conditioner while the dish soap does the deep cleaning. Mix equal parts on a paper plate and rub into the brush to coat. I usually use my fingers to do this. Then I use a circular motion to rub the makeup out of the brush on the remaining part of the paper plate or paper towel. After the makeup is removed, I run the brush (bristle side down) under lukewarm water and squeeze remaining soap out of the brush. After the soap is gone, I shape the bristles into their original position and let air dry.

And there you go! Clean makeup brushes for both daily and monthly use!

Lilly + Stripes + Sale!

Happy Monday! I love mixing prints and this outfit is no exception! While in Georgia this summer, I stumbled upon this Lilly Pulitzer top at a consignment store and it was love at first sight. The hot pink and navy combination screams summer and the flowers are such a bold choice. It is long sleeves, which makes it hard to wear in the summer so I rolled them up to 3/4 length. I decided to pair the top with another navy piece, a cream and navy striped skirt. I usually don’t do stripes on bottom but I think this worked. To finish off the look I wore my Tom Sandals and navy buckle bracelet, along with my hot pink clutch. With such a cloudy day, this outfit certainly lifted my mood! Oh and Lilly Pulitzer is having a HUGE sale today-Wednesday!

lilly pulitzer top, summer style

mixing prints, stripes, lilly pulitzer

lilly pulitzer, toms sandals, striped skirt

Lilly Pulitzer sale, mixed prints

striped skirt, lilly pulitzer, navy, hot pink, fashion

top (similar)//skirt (similar)//sandals//bracelet (similar)//clutch (similar)

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Smashbook Sunday: Layering

I am back with another month of Smashbooks but instead of showing inspiration to others books I am (finally) showing you some of my own pages. I love how easy it is for me to smash book (see more here), and can work on pages as they are happening in my life and then print out the pages and be done. I usually journal about events as they are going on so that my book is full of memories and thoughts as they are happening.

I start with some mementos, whether it be a newspaper scrap, paper scraps or a sticker. This sets the base of the page and it is great to include objects that you actually used for that event or week.


layering smashbook pages, how to build smash book pages

smashbook pages, include tags, stickers even cut up ads to creat smash book pages that tell the whole story

I rarely finish a page in one day. Usually I leave it open on my desk and as I pass by, I add a little here and there. This lends itself to being added to over time rather than done in one sitting. Some of my pages are done in one day and I think they look different, not the same style, but sometimes that is just what happens.


smashbook, covered journalling, hidden journalling

For this page I used a little artwork my cousin left in my room from my sister’s graduation to cover some journaling about the day. This way, I can use more of the page and include everything I want to! I put a little washi tape on the edge to act as the binding and a way to pull the artwork back and see the journalling.

layering smashbook pages, instagram pictures

Think outside of the box when it comes to embellishments! I used tape from one of my favorite stores, a price sticker off of something I bought at a garage sale, part of an ad I got in the mail and nail polish in the corner to add some color. I then printed off Instagram pictures to fill in the same because so much was going on in May!

Desktop Wardrobe

desktop wardrobe round up

I have an odd obsession with desktop images. I am constantly changing them and finding new ones and downloading multiples so that I always have choices much like a closet for my desktop. Whelp, here are some of my favorites right now and it is terribly hard to choose. I mean a fun polka dot one is totally different than a fruity pineapple and daisies give my computer a different vibe than gold confetti! Too many choices (but my phone and iPad can wear a different one than my computer so it all works out)! What is your desktop wearing today?

Faith Friday: Word Journals

how to bible journal

Happy Friday! As you can see by the title, I learned/created/thought of a new way to journal. In the past, I have had a difficult time writing on lines in paragraphs when reading the Bible. For some reason I am not dedicated enough to make that time of journaling work, try as I might. I do need something to occupy my hands because I can’t just read and remember what I learned. While sitting in church a while back, I started out taking notes but then it changed into something different. My ‘journaling’ had little doodles and I started to write ideas within the words and typography. It turned out to be fun and I felt like I remembered the lesson later. Plus I loved looking at it! Below are 3 examples of how I’ve been journaling lately. These are from sermons but I’m looking forward to trying it out with bible studies when they start up in the fall!

sermon notes, how to bible journal

As far as steps go toward creating this, it is pretty free-form. I start with the word/phrase in the middle, usually the title or main idea of the sermon. Then I listen in for different parts that strike me as interesting or new or old thoughts reiterated. These parts are then incorporated into the original word/phrase by using the letters themselves to write around or by adding borders and doodles.

bible journaling in a whole new way while being creative at the same time

By journaling this way, I am able to be a little creative while still listening and seeing what God is bringing to me in that moment. I also don’t have to worry about lines. I am trying to find a blank notebook to use for this but in the meantime I’m using the bulletin and random slips of paper.

bible journal, journaling, creative, bible study, bible prayer journal


Baking with Breanna: Banana Bars

easy banana bars with frosting

First off that title has a lot of B’s…anyway. Eating bananas is a problem in my house. We all love bananas but we love banana bread more so usually a couple get eaten and then the rest are left to brown, hoping that mom will be in a baking mood (usually the case) and whips up a perfect loaf of banana bread. The bread doesn’t last long and within 24 hours it is gone and then we wait again until there are more bananas in the house. Well have no fear fellow banana bread lovers! These bars are light and fluffy like a bread but this makes a ton (9×13 pan PLUS 8×8 pan!). Also the yummy frosting is the best, I could eat it alone with a spoon! Oh and we have made this twice in the past month! It’s addicting and I count it as a breakfast food and dessert so it’s a win-win.

Ingredients (Bars):

1 1/2 cup sugar

1 cup sour cream

1/2 cup softened butter

2 eggs

1 1/2 cups mashed bananas (about 2)

2tsp vanilla

2 cups flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Ingredients (Frosting):

1/4 cup butter

2 cups confectioners’ sugar

1tsp vanilla

3 tbsp milk


1:::Mix sugar, sour cream, butter and eggs in large bowl; beat at low speed for 1 minute.

2:::Stir in bananas and vanilla. Sift together flour, salt and soda; blend into creamed mixture.Fold in nuts.

3::: Turn into greased and floured 15×10 inch baking pan (we used a 9X13 and 8×8)

4:::Bake at 375F for 20-25 minutes and let cool.

5:::Frost with frosting and cut into bars for serving.

For the Frosting:

1:::Heat butter over medium heat until lightly browned.Turn off burner.

2:::Stir in sugar, vanilla and milk until smooth and of desired consistency.


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