Autumn Essentials

Happy Monday! Last week was super busy for me with getting new sorority sisters and starting up with study hours and clubs and college life in general but I happy to be back this week! I am craving this fall weather now; I love not sweating on my way to class! However, it usually doesn’t get this cold this fast so I still have more summer clothes than fall clothes but I’ll make due with what I have. To help me get in the autumn mood, I have been pinning to my Pinterest board, making a wish list for my 5 purchases this season and putting together some transitional outfits. Here are a few of my favorite pieces for fall that I couldn’t live without!

fall essentials, autumn style, fashion, must-haves

Plaid Shirt: mine are usually from the thrift store but they are starting to look a little worn out so I’m looking into replacing them

Fall Hat: I am a hat person although I don’t own a large collection of them. I am looking the way that this one looks and it has a fall/winter texture rather than the straw one that I currently own

Cozy Sweater: it is starting to be sweater weather!

Riding Boots: these are my staple, 90% of my outfits for the next 6 months will include these!

Makeup: neutral eyeshadows mixed with foundation and a berry lip are my autumn face, plus a dark red nail color

Watch: I would love a grown-up watch so I don’t have to pull out my phone in the middle of class…

Leather Tote: this is actually something that I am looking for, I want one that is big and can fit my laptop but not so oversized that it overwhelms me (any suggestions?)

Hand Lotion: my hands get so cracked in the dry weather that I always have this in my purse or backpack

Studs: little pearls are the way to go for a classic simple style

And sensing an overall trend…GOLD! I am typically a silver kinda gal but gold has been really catching my eye lately!

What are your autumn essentials? Anything you would add?

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5-piece French Wardrobe


french wardrobe basic pieces

Happy Monday! Today I am sharing an idea that has been in my head for a while now. Remember when I was doing the 20 item for 30 day challenge? Well this is something similar to that but more long term. I found the idea floating around Pinterest and it is known as the 5-piece French Wardrobe. The focus is that you buy quality basics that will hold up and then add 5 items each season to compliment the basics and fill in any holes that pop up over the 6 months. The year is broken up into 2 seasons, spring/summer and fall/winter for a total of 10 new pieces in a year.

I am excited for this because I’m not really happy with most of my wardrobe. I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe and this is very similar to that idea but with more structure and less at the same time. I can choose whatever I want for the 5 pieces I purchase and I made my own list of basics to coordinate with my lifestyle (college student + future teacher).

My list of basics is a little different than the ones that I could find, so I took what I liked from a couple different lists and made my own.

French Wardrobe, 5-piece, capsule wardrobe, basics


I will follow all of these rules except the one about shoes. I have a lot of shoes and while I have donated some, I just can’t get rid of any more. So shoes don’t count but I don’t plan on adding any more, just working with the pairs I have.

With all of this being said, I haven’t picked out 5pieces that I am going to add to my closet. I’m going to see how this goes and figure out what it is that I’m missing for the season. What pieces would you pick to add this season?


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currently: writing, anticipating, wearing, missing

Writing: in my Bible journal. I am really digging into the Word and having some really great conversations with God in my journal. I am excited to share a little DIY about the journal (soon!) and I am having fun using it and really getting engaged in the Word rather than passively reading the words on the page.

Anticipating: Pumpkin Spice Lattes! These (and iced coffees!) are the things that keep me going through fall (not my favorite season I must say) and are such a little pick-me up after 7 am meetings!

Missing: Summer! I know that fall is just starting but summer is my favorite season and I’m just sad to see it go! I’ll miss the heat and the sunshine and the laid-back sort of life but everything good must come to an end!

Wearing:  boots and a raincoat. It has been raining an awful lot around here and I seem to be caught each time without my raincoat so now I’m just walking around with it just in case it downpours the moment I walk outside!

Craving: food! I would love to have real food, not this stuff they serve in the cafeteria and claim it is real meat and freshly prepared veggies. Nope, it is frozen and half-thawed and just plain gross! Too bad I’m already sick of it and I’ve only been eating it for 2 weeks. This will be a long year in the food department!

Baking with Breanna: Snicker Apple Salad

snicker apple salad, quick, simple, dessert, 5 ingredients

Breanna is back with a delicious dessert, just in time for apple picking season! This is one of my favorite things to bring as a dessert! It is simple and yummy as all good desserts should be and it makes a large batch which is perfect for a crowd! I halved it this time around because we weren’t taking it anywhere so the pictures show a half batch while the ingredients are for the full portion. Enjoy!


2 small packages of instant vanilla pudding

2 cups milk

1 (12 oz) Cool Whip

8 med. Granny Smith apples

8 large regular Snicker candy bars


1::: mix together pudding and milk; put in refrigerator.

2::: cut snickers in tiny bite size pieces and put in refrigerator.

3::: cut apples in bit size pieces; put in lemon water.

4::: mix pudding, cool whip and Snickers together.

5::: drain apples and pour pudding mixture over.

6::: keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

And that’s it! Pretty simple and great when you need a go to recipe for a picnic or party!

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Little Lace Dress

Happy Monday! It’s September which is crazy to think that August is over and summer is coming to an end:( However on the horizon is Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cozy sweaters with jeans so maybe I’m ok with fall? I’m still in denial about fall because then it will be winter and snow and I don’t like all that. Anyway back to fall. For this look, I paired a coral lace dress with a denim jacket to help transition into fall. Since it isn’t totally fall temperatures yet, I stuck with bronze sandals and rolled up the sleeves of the jacket. I kept the accessories to a minimum by adding a bronze cross-body purse and belt to show off my waist and keep the dress at the right length because it isn’t my size (hand-me-ups from my younger sister will do that sometimes!) 

little lace dress, transition into fall

lace dress, denim jacket

denim jack, bronze belt, lace dress, summer to fall

lace dress, belt, sandals

little lace dress

dress (similar)//jacket (similar)//sandals (similar)//purse (similar)//belt (similar)

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101 in 1001 Update #2

101 in 1001 project, bucket list

Wow August is coming to an end! Let’s recap some of the goals that I have checked off my 101 in 1001 list!

1. make 10 recipes off of Pinterest. I have now made 2, beef tip kabobs and brown sugar pork chops.

garlic brown sugar pork chops

2. Blog everyday for a month. Well I did it, everyday of August!

3. Go on a trip with my sister. 5 weeks in Georgia with her totally counts.

4. Write a guest post. I wrote for Jessica of Bedknobs and Baubles while she was on vacation about travel necessities to London.

5. Visit 10 new states. I checked North Dakota off my list!

6.Go on a road trip. We went to Minnesota and North Dakota as a family for a long weekend.

7. Start a new series. Baking with Breanna is a go here, here and here!

8. Photo an hour. I completed 12 on the 12th.

9. Finish a smashbook. Freshman and Sophomore year of college is in the books.

smashbook, 101 in 1001: finish a smashbook


Jewelry Box: Dainty

dainty jewelry


I don’t wear jewelry often and when I do, I prefer smaller pieces that add a little extra to an outfit. That way the jewelry doesn’t take away from anything and is small so that I don’t feel odd wearing it! Here are the pieces that I would wear everyday found from my favorite Etsy shops. Do you like to wear jewelry? Do you prefer small pieces or stand out works of art?